Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 and Rolex GMT-MBSTER II 116710LN-78200

replica rolex submariner
replica rolex submariner

As a world-known watch brand, the Rolex watch is famous for its accuracy and durability. And there are more and more people preferring to buy Rolex watches, no matter from local shop to buy the authentic one or from the online store to buy the replica ones. Here I will recommend two Rolex watches for your Rolex watches buying.

1)Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 green dial watch

For this Rolex Submariner watch, it is carrying with the cal.3135 self-winding movement, which is self-produced by Rolex, and whose accuracy is absolutely leading the way among all the Rolex watches, and which is the reason of being solid and durable of the self-made movement. Its 3135 self-winding movement can be the most solidest movement and the basic movement among all the Rolex movements too, whose solidness and durability is evident.

2)Rolex GMT MBSTER II 116710LN-78200 watch

This Rolex GMT watch can be a watch that makes people very tangled the same as the black water ghost Submariner watch, and many people will be hesitating these two watches when they are thinking of buying a watch, in fact, there are some difference between these two wrist watches, and you can regard them as one is for flying in the sky and the other is for going deep into the sea. Black water ghost Submariner watch has super waterproof function, which can waterproof as see deep as 300 meters. This GMT II wrist watch can be waterproof only for 100 meters, but it has the second time zone display function. For some air talent it is not enough for the best. This Rolex watch is also made its watch case and watch chain with Rolex 904 l stainless steel, which is not only durable but also has strong corrosion resistant ability. And it is also carrying with the cal.3156 automatic winding movement, which is also the same strong and durable as Rolex Submariner black dial watch.

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